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Site Shutting Down

A hard drive failure on 2/6 required an OS upgrade and system reload. Not everything came back in one piece. The main Antiquatis website should be OK, as it is no longer an interactive site and I was able to restore the backup from prior to the crash (2/4). The forum is another issue... being far more interactive, it got messed up quite a bit. A lot of the old posts are scrambled; I am attempting to save the updates made since the crash, restore from the pre-crash backup, then add the updates back in--but phpBB3 does not conform to database standards, so regular incremental recovery procedures do not work. I am keeping the forum down as I attempt repairs.

Due to serious health issues, I will no longer be able to maintain this site (though I've asked, no one has yet to step forward to continue it). So, I am disabling new users, stopping updates and making an archive copy for the future. The site will eventually go off-line, but should remain available on the Waybac machine. In the meantime, you can still browse the existing information, and old logins will still work to get access to restricted areas.

This site has been up, in one form or another, for 22 years now. I hope it has made some difference in people's lives.